Programs and Activities

Sidney Westminster Essentials

Reverend Richard Hamilton

1199 Wallbridge-Loyalist Rd.
Belleville, ON   K8N 4Z5

Phone: 613-968-4304
[email protected]

Office Hours
9:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.,
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Handicap Access & Elevator
Nursery Facilities

Come worship with us:
Every Sunday 10:30 a.m.
Sunday School same time.


The GET TOGETHER CLUB form an integral part of our church and we are so pleased to have them!

Check our Calendar of Events to see what the GET TOGETHER CLUB has lined up for this year.


We perform the Sacrament of Holy Baptism a number of times throughout the year. We baptize babies, children and adults. If you or a loved one is interested in being baptized and would like more information, please give us a call.


The Bible Study Group meets at the church every Wednesday morning (excluding summer months) 10:30 to noon. It is led by the minister and discussions are scripture based. However, many day-to-day issues that have their roots in the Bible give this group a wide range of topics and questions to ponder. If you would like to join our Bible Study Group, give us a call.


Perhaps you would like to join our Senior Choir. Practice is weekly on Thursday nights at 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. We break for the summer months.


Perhaps your gifts and talents can be used to serve on any of our committees:

  • Official Board
  • Session
  • Trustees
  • Stewards
  • Financial Commitee
  • Ministry and Personnel
  • Accessibility Commitee
  • Nominating


The Sacrament of Holy Communion is offered a number of times throughout the year during the church service. It can also be arranged in private for the elderly, sick or infirmed.


Sidney Westminster organizes drivers for MEALS on WHEELS during the months of June and November. Also, at the front entrance to our church, you will find a big Rubbermaid bin. In it we collect various food items each week to help the local food banks and The Salvation Army Soup Kitchen.

Additionally, tithing of our fund raising proceeds from dinners and various sales are given to various outreach causes. And, whenever we can, we facilitate community benefit events using our church facilities usually at no charge.


If you or your family would like to become full members of Sidney Westminster United Church, you can attend our confirmation classes which are usually held weekly for one hour for 6 weeks. Classes are held at the church and are led by the minister. If you would like more information, give us a call.


On the last Sunday of the month, we have a potluck lunch following the morning worship service with a special cake to celebrate all the birthdays and anniversaries that took place during the month.


Sidney Westminster United Church can offer pastoral care to grieving families. Perhaps we can be of help to you or your family during this time. Please call the church office to make arrangements.


Sidney Westminster United Church has an active Environmental Committee. Their driving force is based on the "5 R's of Going Green" - Reverence, Reduce, Repair, Reuse, Recyle! In support of the tremendous challenge this committee faces, Sidney Westminster recently banned the use of Styrofoam both in our church facilities and at our church events. It's a start!


We have a nursery adjacent to the sanctuary. The room, which contains a large window looking out on the sanctuary is sound proof, and is set up with a speaker system. The room is equipped with rocking chairs, an ensuite, lots of toys, and books for babies and toddlers. Parents can still listen in to the service while attending their children in the nursery.


You might not see too many churches advertising parking availability - but we do! Afterall, we're located in a rural area - known as "the church in the cornfield"! We have a great (paved) parking lot! Wheelchair access and an Elevator! We also have a FM system for the hard of hearing. We can accommodate a lot of busy events so if you're planning a family function, give us a call.


Sunday School is held every week (excluding the summer months) on Sunday mornings during the church service which starts at 10:30 am. The children listen to a short story presented by the minister during the early part of the service. The story is followed by a prayer and then the children are sent off to the Sunday School classroom located in our auditorium area. All children are welcome.


Our Sunday worship services and special services are recorded. Tapes are delivered by Sidney Westminster volunteers to those who are unable to attend church because of health issues or other circumstances but still enjoy listening to the services. If you or a loved one would like to participate in our Tape Ministry, just let the church office know.


Each summer we hold a week long (mornings only) Vacation Bible School. All children 4 years old and up are welcome to this fun filled event. There is no charge and snacks are provided. (Registration is required.)


If you are planning a church wedding, be sure to give us a call. Depending on availability of the church facilities and the minister, we might be able to accommodate you on your special day.


Should you visit our church sometime, please feel free to ask for our "Welcome Package". This package contains additional information on our church, our services, our activities, programs, calendar of events and all sorts of goodies to help get you acquainted with who we are and what we do.